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  • Sawmills and Edgers, Inc.

    - Over-engineered and built like a tank!

    834 North Troy Highway
    Elba, AL 36323
    Phone: 866.897.3037
    Fax: 866.897.6248

    Welcome to Sawmills and Edgers, Inc.

    Company Information Product Information Pricing Information Employment Opportunities Contact Information


    Welcome to Sawmills & Edgers, Inc.’s, formerly S & W Edger Works, Inc., official website. This site is designed to provide you with information on our incredible product line, keep you up-to-date on what’s going on at Sawmills & Edgers, Inc., and to let you know where we will be throughout the year.

    Whether you are a do-it-yourself sawyer or a professional sawyer, a Sawmills & Edgers, Inc. machine can help you reduce your time and kerf loss, allowing you to benefit from an increase in production and profits. Our machines are durable, profitable, and reliable and will meet your production demands (they will even cut through all types of wood!). Sawmills & Edgers, Inc., prides itself that all of our products are over-engineered, heavy-duty machines that are built like a tank, to withstand the test of time and stress.

    So as you look through our reputable product line, keep in mind that Sawmills & Edgers, Inc. can modify any of our machines to fit your needs, or we can custom build one just for you! Call or email us today for more information on how Sawmills & Edgers, Inc. can help increase your company’s production and profits.

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